Aug 22, 2008

Aerial View

I was glad to see these pictures again.

We were building a new church in Franklin and wanted some pictures from the air of the progress.

Some how I was the one who ended up in the plane that day.

After shooting the picture at the church the pilot said "We have time where do you live?".

Next thing I knew we were circling our house.
This doesn't show all of Dads property but its pretty close.

The trees are tiny.The back of the house.

The basketball court is freshly painted with a trampoline on it.
I can't tell if it is Brett or Chad jumping.

This is the front of the house.

No pond next door yet.

Lets zoom in and look at some things.

Can you see the Butler totem pole?
The dirt is is Dad's garden.

After zooming in I am guessing the jumper is Brett because he is playing ball.
Elaine says its Chad, hmm.

I found Dad mowing.

So I went and found him in the driveway in one of the other shots.

Fun pictures, I am glad they have survived.
I would gladly go up and take some new ones if I had a sponsor. Any takers?

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Tracy said...

Great pictures. I think it's Brett too. He's playing basketball and outside. From what I've heard from Brett, Chad didn't spend a lot of time outside or in action. Love it that your dad is mowing. Some things NEVER change.