Aug 19, 2008

Planes and Coasters

More slides from Opryland.
Brett is in the back seat of the white plane.

We must have been the last ones that they let in because we are in the back seats of the planes.

I am in the back seat of the red plane.

Seeing this slide jogged my memory of this ride.

1. I don't like going in circles that much.
2. I not a fan of being out of control.

The reason Brett and I were stuck in the backseats is because the front seat had the joy stick to control the ride. So the first kids in get to "fly" the plane.

My pilot liked it high and wild.

I did not.

I am sure the controller in the back seat was there just for looks and was not functional but that didn't mean I didn't try to steer with it.

A close up shows I was trying my hardest to move the plane down.

Brett is in the back of the white plane after it landed. I think he and his pilot got along fine.

Now on to the coaster.

I can't believe Mom and Dad got us on a coaster.
We were pretty chicken at this age but I am sure Dad persuaded us with the
"Lets just go home then." tactic.

Parents are always right. We got on and did enjoy it.

Just look at our brave fun filled faces.
Maybe the look is relief because the coaster is getting ready to stop.

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