Aug 20, 2008

Talent Show

I don't know what prompted our outdoor talent show in 1977 but my guess would be that it was just my Mothers impish playfulness and desire to have a good time.

It appears my Mom is singing with my brothers and I .

What did we sing? Good question. I have no memory of singing whatsoever.

I had to zoom in on Chad's cool iron on Spiderman t-shirt. Looks like we got this one out of an Electric Company magazine. Remember that T.V. show?

I do remember preforming this magic act that night.
I still have the book that I got the trick/joke out of.

J.D. Poppewell , an Indian Creek basketball star, doing some juggling for us.

The following are probably the real reason we had the talent show.

This is Amy Arkenberg, she was our next door neighbor for many years.
A nice quiet lady.

Belly dancing in the Butler back yard?
That would be a yes.

Look at all the kids on the front row.

Who in the world could talk a lady to belly dance
in a backyard in Trafalgar Indiana for a "talent" show?

There is the culprit laughing in the door.

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Emmalea said...

I don't remember the song we sang together either - but I love that there is a moment in time on film that all 3 of you boys humored me.

I believe this was one of our many TGSIO parties (Thank God School Is Out). Most often in attendance were Judy Misiniec, Kathy Richards/now married to boyfriend Larry Abel/JD Popplewell (now deseased) hung out with them and the Markward family, (Wayne )now deseased)and Flora Markward, the Sturgell family, and Amy and Curt Arkenberg. There were others that paricipated but not as regularly as this bunch.

Remember - most of the adults attending were educators in our public school.

We fell in love with 2nd grade teacher, Judy Misiniec and she invited us to join her jolly gang. Judy was like a second mom to you guys when you were young. I love her!

Wayne Markward was pastor of Union Christian Church. He served in several local churches as interm pastor in his later years.

We did have fun - but that particular night was edgy. If you notice -- it was "What your DAD saw!" I believe I was on my way out the door to take the camera away from him!

Amy was quite accomplished at the belly dancing though. I never could get my belly to move like that. I think Brett was able to though. He still does his amazing "Milk Shake" belly!

I love you guys! But dad is in trouble (again) for taking those photos!