Dec 19, 2007

Pool Party

Here are some pictures of a pool party we had after we had first filled our pool.

I see some people I know and some I don't in these pictures. Recognize anyone?

I see the Stapert's and Aunt Lori but besides Mom and us kids I am at a loss.

I do remember this day though. I remember Sondra and Rhonda didn't swim with us so I asked Steve why. He said that they had gotten in trouble because they had shaved their legs and they weren't supposed to. I remember thinking girls were gross and then dove under water.

Notice that there is no barn and where Palmer's pond is there is a cornfield.


Emmalea said...

The last photo - I see Nita Waldo - and baby Niki (Andrea)next to the filter. Niki was around 2 then - still in diapers. Little did we know she would become a Butler witin a couple of years! This was the Welton (Grandma White's side of the family. We didn't see all of them very often - so you probably wouldn't recognize everyone -- I don't either. I remember an adorable photo I think was that day of my Great Aunt Elva that day. She was swinging in the kid's swing on the swing set. She seemed so elderly back then - yet lived for quite a few years. Perhaps you boys remember going to pick her up at her tiny apartment in Indy on Christmas - taking her to Grandma's house with us. Hmm - this photo evoked memories or me from a hot sunny day to a cold winter holiday. Not bad for an old forgotten photo. mom

Denise said...

I'm reading that in 2011 and totally cracking up. I'm guessing "we" weren't there for that gathering either....hahahah...