Dec 7, 2007

Snow Again

Close up of great ramping action.

Snow again here in Indiana so here is another snow picture.

The date on the slide says January 1978.

I know when we had this sled run built we had a blast. The metal saucer sled was the best winter toy we owned. I don't know how many years we had them but it was a while.

Dad brought home silicone spray for them from work to make them go even faster for us.

After playing Evil Knievel and daring each other to do impossible runs, hitting hidden stumps and many hard landings, in or near the creek, the sleds got too dented for us to use as sleds anymore but still made good shields.

While the sleds lasted they gave us great memories.

My brothers and I were the best saucer sledders in the world that winter.

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Brett said...

Every time I see "Holiday Vacation" I think of those sleds and the spray Dad put on them from work.