Dec 3, 2007

Nighty Night

This is Brett and I asleep to that there is no question but where are we?

If my memory servers me right this is in the van after Dad customized it.

Paneling on the wall, carpet on the floor and a couch bolted to the floor.

It was great. I remember riding in the van before we had the seat and we just sat on the floor in the back. Corners were especially fun!

Comic books are on the floor and Chad is probably on Moms lap.

Most of that is illegal now but we sure enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

You have an amazing memory. When I first saw the photo - I thought YAY - I get to tell Brian where that was taken - but alas -- you have total recall. I just thank God we were never in a wreck. Although the love seat was bolted down - I don't think it would have survived a crash - let alone our safety. . It was comfy though.

Do you remember the name of the van? --- and why she was given that name?
Just for the record - that is the orange plaid couch made famous in previous postings. I just had the cushions recovered. I think it is still being used by someone-somewhere. They just don't make furniture that good anymore.

Brian said...

I want to say its name was Snowball because we got it during the blizzard of 78. I remember being disappointed because Dad had ordered it but it's delivery kept being delayed because of the all the snow.