Dec 5, 2007

Christmas 3

Caroling with Mom on Lexington Ave.

Looks like it is in the family room.

Mom, where did the rail/divider in the background come from?
I seem to remember it as a shipping crate or something from some furniture we bought.

Joel has the red bookshelf in his room now.

I also recognize other things in the background. The bell Mom rang to call us inside, A cool Frosty light and an Elf that held onto his knees.


Tracy said...

Everybody in the Christmas overalls. I just keep thinking that everything got handed down to Chad. He must have gotten really tired of your matching outfits. Cute picture though.

MOM said...

Dad thinks it was from some furniture packing. I had trouble throwing anything away and longed to have a home in the country - so anything that looked like a country cabin was recycled. Do you remember the stuffed squirrel that perched on the fence. It made it to Trafalgar, and stayed in the attic for a while. I believe one of our past dogs got hold of the squirrel at tore it to shreds. I;m sure Brian will remember what happened to it. If I can find the Santa and Snowman lights - they will be on display again this year. Seems like Santa fell apart one too many times and may be gone. You can only glue antique plastic so many times.... Sorry if it is gone. Although it does warm my heart to know you hold so many pieces of "junk" dear in childhood memories. Nice you can put some value on things -- through Ebay!

Brian said...

About ten years ago Dad had me get somethings down from the attic and I was snooping for my old toys and I saw the squirrel there. I poked it down to scare the kids and I think it is still up there.

Brian said...
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Brian said...
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