Nov 30, 2007

Christmas Is Coming.

Part of the fun of Christmas is the anticipation of it. Looking forward to the big day the mystery ahead.

Also at 42 a big part of Christmas is looking back.

I know it is still a bit early but I found this picture of me and it had so many memories in it that I had to share it now.

The glaring thing in this slide is the Vikings hat. Man I loved that hat. I had the Vikings because I liked Fran Tarkington and it was before we had the Colts, Brett had the Dallas Cowboys hat and Chad had the Pittsburgh Steelers hat. I hope I can find a slide with them in theirs.

The next thing I noticed was the K-Tel fun Ski poles on the floor. This was a great toy. We had many a great run down the slopes on these. I know we never used them as they were supposed to though. I only remember tying them to our feet once, the rest of the time we just stood on them which was fine until we built the ski jump and had no skis to land on.

I also noticed the T.V. Cart with checker board underneath it, the Terrarium (lizard included) and Superman shirt.

But the last thing I want to comment on is the fireplace.

Look real close and notice that is is stuffed with wrapping paper.

I will leave it for the comments section to reveal how and who put it in there.

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