Nov 15, 2007

Crazy Pants

I don't ever remember thinking about my pants when I was a kid unless I had had an accident.

You would have thought I would have been staring at them all the time as crazy as they were.


Mom said...

Oh, that I would have stuck with solid pants for you boys. It bothers me that you now carry this image in your heads of crazy striped pants. But there is some solace knowing even other cool kids at IC wore the same type clothing -- hard to believe - you really were as close to "in style" that we could afford. In the photo with the fire -- I was holding SPOOKY - that FREE cat from Uncle George. So Chad was fairly small when we got her. George never let up on teasing him about his pay anytime you guys helped out on his farm. That's what he did - and shy we loved him so. The wedding was for your step-unlce Ron White - held on the ritsy side of Indy. Again - I apoligize for the fashions you edured.BUT - you guys turned out pretty good --- because you married women that helped heal your childhood fashion trauma. BUT - we still had FUN!

Me said...

I think it is awesome that you guys were such icons of fashion back in the 70's! Brian - you look super cool in your brown plaid. But I have to give Chad my vote as the cutest in this picture - he just looks so cute!!

Brian said...

Yep Chad wins. His tie is perfect.

My pants are so high up on my waist that this photo could have been the inspiration for Steve Urkle.

Tracy said...

The shark tooth necklace gene has been passed from father (Brett) to son (Blake). Whenever we are near the ocean and visit a gift shop, Blake gravitates to the shark tooth necklace right away. Brett always buys him one too. Now I know why. Revisiting his childhood.