Nov 5, 2007

Father and Sons

Here is the proud father with his 3 sons (and Santa).

Brett was always far ahead of his time. Here we see him flashing gang signs back in 1973.


Mom said...

The snowman took hours to complete - so I am glad he too is captured in a photo. Our family is still a work in progress! Snow Santa was "frozen" in time - but Brian, Brett, Chad and Dad --- well, time did not stand still.

How fun to remember "the early years".

Thanks for keeping up with the times and finding an new way to archive the family treasures.

Brian said...

The more I looked at the picture (I hope you click on it for a closer view) I began to notice our gloves.

When I think of wearing gloves as a kid these are the ones I remember.

I had Yosemite Sam, Brett had Bugs Bunny and Chad had Tweety Bird (or at least the left one and a right one that looks like a dog).

They were very rubbery. Great gloves, thanks Mom and Dad!

Me said...

I LOVE the rear view mirror picture!!

Tracy said...

The first thing Brett mentioned when he saw the picture was the gloves. He remembered what characters you all had, talked extensively about what they were made of and how cool they were. Isn't it funny the stuff that sticks with you? The first thing I said was, "Your mom had to be the one that made that snowman." It's amazing.