Nov 16, 2007


My kids have a basketball tournament this weekend in Anderson.

It is Friday night and most of the day Saturday. I know Brett's kids have basketball that starts soon as well.

So plenty of bleacher sitting for us. We have become our parents.

I think the games are harder on me now then they were when I played.

I sweat, get out of breath, heart pounds and I move around in my seat a lot because I am nervous. And that's just during the warm ups!

I wish I would have put that kind of effort into a game when I played, maybe I would have been better.

Hope the kids have a good year.

I haven't found any slides of Brett or Chad playing basketball but I did find some of me.
(I am the first born)

At first I thought these were fifth grade but the cheerleaders were from the middle school so it must be the sixth grade. (I smoked the kid on the jump ball!)

Can you name any of the other kids?


mom said...

May your parents share one more thing with you from the bleachers? Someday you will consider bringing a pillow to sit on - but - suffer bleacher buns anew - so as not to cause total embarrassment to your children and grandchildren. Although breathing hard and rapid heart rates are still included for the admission fee - that level of cardiac stress is what happens just getting into the stands to watch the game!
If you paid more attention to the players in the photos than the cheerleaders - you would notice ICMS on the jerseys - I saw it even if the slide was scanned backwards! I recognize only one ball player by name. In the last photo, David Esopenko was in the foreground. I did notice a cheerleader quite clearly in one shot-Tommy Roades. Dad and I think that is the Morgantown gym.
It is just so amazing to have a split second of time captured over 3 decades ago have the capability to unleash such full and happy thoughts. We are so blessed to have such fun memories of family - and to have them multiplied so profusely with each passing year. GOD IS SO GOOD!

mom said...

About slides of Brett and Chad playing ball...don't think you will find any. We switched to taking slides for 2 reasons. #1-they were much less to have developed than prints. Shooting film - you never knew what was going to be a lousy, out of focus print - and you paid for every print - good or bad. Slide were much more economical and made a great source of entertainment to see them projected bigger than life. #2 - believe it or not, we wanted quality color of life perserved for our kids and grandkids to be able to share and experience life like it was. Compare the slide color to that of photos taken the same years. Slides held up over time - photos faded, craked and tore easily when handled. Little did we know the advancement of technology would be so rapid and so far reaching. Nor did we ever fathom that we would be able to share life as we lived it via something called a "BLOG"? Amazing! Thanks for bringing "us" into the world of our grandchildren-(I think).