Nov 8, 2007

Double Bubble

It was Double Bubble time.

I think our crafty mother made these for us and the neighbor boy.

As you can see in the next picture the kids on the bus couldn't wait to find out where we got them. They are sticking their heads out of the window asking where they can get theirs.

Home made, so eat your heart out.


Me said...

I had my fair share of "stretch and sew" shirts growing up - but I never had a print as cool as the Double Bubble print!

Emmalea said...

You have to remember to put photos in context. Stretch'n Sew was realy "IN" --- you guys were the coolest kids in Trafalgar. You always were in my heart - matching shirts or not. My kids ROCK!

Mom said...

Hey, don't miss another cool memory in this photo. Not just the fact that there are absolutely NO trees in the front yard, but also the necklace Brian has on. Remember picking up the crinoid (sp) stems that are on your necklace on a visit to at Aunt Trixie's? You guys collected quite few that day. They were around home for a long time - wonder where they all went? Macho leather bracelet as well. I remember painting on some - but I think you also had ones that had your name stamped on the leather. Didn't you let girls wear those? - for fun --- no committments made though.