Nov 29, 2007

What is going on here?

Here is a picture for us to use our deductive powers to decide what we are doing here.
I have concluded that this is in Nashville. I think we are on the corner where Hob Nob restaurant is and we are looking towards the court house.

I love the clothes that everyone is wearing. The date on the slide is June 1978.
You can see Brett and I and Chad is in front of Brett if you look hard.

My guess is that it is some sort of parade.

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mom said...

I think you are right on all accounts - Hob Knob Corner, Courthouse, and parade is my guess too. There is THAT belt - Brett's fav! Almost missed Chad. The 3 of you were always pretty nearby one another. That is why we have the gospels of parents, Brian, Brett and Chad...everyone sees things a little differently - from their angle and from their understanding of their surroundings. I LOVE IT!