Nov 7, 2007

The Rock City Controversy

The Rock City controversy exposed.

There was some debate the other night concerning the age of Brett when he ate the "Rock City" flier while going over the swinging bridge.

This photo clearly shows he was young. (Comment on the exact age please)

The later slide is a recreation during a later trip.

I think when we viewed the slides from the first trip we noticed the missing corner and Brett confessed that he ate it while crossing the swinging bridge.

We can see in the slide that Brett is overly happy for him, the crossing of the bridge safely was a great relief to him obviously. Although Chad looks as though he has just finished eating something and is ready to burp. I just look mad that I am not in my usual position, in the center of the photo.

Here is the recreation picture.
Can you find Dad in this picture?


Mom said...

I TOLD you that the slide you found was a reinactment -- I am validated!

You boys were right at 2, 5, and 7. Chad still salivating at the thought of a good can of HI-C orange drink (48 oz size). There is probably a movie of this somewhere too -- Mom had the movie camera on her lap. Brian was probably a bit disgruntled because we pulled him away from a telephone booth before he got to check for coins. He managed to find money wherever family trips took us. (He also managed to spend everything he found pretty quickly.)

mom said...

Brett may have been a full-fledged IC BRAVE by this time - age 10 -- but he was still not too BRAVE when it came to swinging bridges! See how he is holding on to the cable? I think the shadow was Mom - not Dad. Chad probably had Dad take him to the restroom. A kid can only hold that HI-C orange drink for so long, you know - and there were not restrooms on the other side of the bridge. At this age - Mom's bladder was still pretty good - and the boys no longer needed me to take them to restrooms. (TMI?)