Feb 5, 2009

Batman: The Purr-fect Crime 15

Batman: The Purr-fect Crime 15

Batman swung down, snatching Robin from sure doom!

This begins the last disk in the three disk set.

I bought the first package on Ebay and it had three disks as promised but the last disk didn't seem right. I knew that it was missing images and when checked with the booklet it proved not to match it either.

It seems to be some sort of a summery/reissued disk of some kind.

So back to Ebay I went in search of disk three.

I found an unopened package and bid on it.

This guy had my kind of luck and I got it for $2.50 while other unopened packages went for $60.

There it is before I opened it and plunged its value down to a buck and a quarter.

All three disks were there but the film had aged poorly and when the film hit the air they turned to dust.

No they didn't but you will notice a red cast to the pictures though I will try to fix them as best as I can.

I can use some of the images off the summery disk I already had so not to bad overall.

I hope you enjoy my efforts.


Brian Ashmore said...

"when the film hit the air they turned to dust." Ha! You had me. "WHAT? They turned to dust?!" I didn't even know that was possible. Then I read on. Hilarious.

Brian said...


Brian Ashmore said...

Yep!...now, about that bridge that you wanted to sell me...

Emmalea said...

I love that BA is now commenting with BB. I think it is safe to tell you about your twin brother now. We felt we couldn't afford to take care of 2 babies so we offered one out for adoption. (they didn't have ebay back then) But - alas - God's plan was for the 2 of you to meet. How cool is that!?
I love that BA is so gullible and so talented. We should have kept him too. I'll personally bid --- $2.50.

Brian Ashmore said...

$2.50?!! I'm worth at least twice as much. No wonder I packed all my stuff in a diaper bag and hit the road. You know, it's tough to flag down moving cars when you are only a foot and a half tall.

In all seriousness, it's been a blast to get to peek in on all the fun history of your family in this blog. I'm sure countless people have enjoyed this blog and thought, "Hey, that's exactly what a family should be like."

You guys are great. I'm glad Brian was willing to share all the fun with everyone.

Emmalea said...

OK twin, we have another bid to offer - a nickle-ninety-eight. We use have used that bid a lot for things of great value - priceless - unattainable. Accept the bid - and you can consider yourself family. The more goofy, talented sons that love their mom, dad, and Jesus - the better! We have another "son" and his family that will be coming to visit us summer 09 from the Netherlads! We found him in a story book about a a boy that stuck his thumb in a dyke to stop the leak of water rushing through the wall and saved his town from doom. "Hans" brings a wife and 2 kids to visit for a couple of weeks. We haven't seem them for about 10 years! Buying him was a good deal. We saved boxtops from cereal and then sent then in to get him. Shipping was a little expensive - but worth it.

So see - you really are welcome to join the family.
We're basically NUTS!

Brian Ashmore said...

Jesus has a way of making us all family, doesn't He?
Eternity is a long, long time. ;)

I accept your bid. My wife is always rolling her eyes and telling me I'm NUTS, anyway, so I'll fit right in.

You're a cool Mom, Emmalea. What's for dinner?

Emmalea said...

Uh OH - I think the twin's bubble will now burst. What's for dinner? ....I'm thinkin' Arby's.

Brian Ashmore said...