Feb 17, 2009

Batman: The Purr-fect Crime 20 and Holding

As we near frame 21, the last frame for the View Master Reels "Batman: The Purr-fect Crime", I wanted to reveal something I discovered while scanning these transparencies.

As I zoomed in on the above picture I noticed that when I played with the "brightness and contrast" in Photoshop, the above message and image appeared!

It was Batman warning us that some of these images had been tampered with! Including the one above. A man clearly not Batman is wrestling the tiger in this one.

The vile villains of Gotham had tampered with the original prints and tried to spurn Batman and Robins good name.

They knew dedicated fans would stare at this pictures for hours on end and they hated that thought.

After I had Batman's warning I began to look harder at each frame.

Holy Hoaxes!! I found another one.

Click on the image to see for yourself.

Thankfully the Joker confessed once he was apprehended.

Diligence paid off so I went back to the reels once more to see what these images held.

Bingo! I found one more.

These fiends have been found out after forty three years.

Remember citizens crime does not pay.

I am just glad I could help.


Me said...

Nice legs Robin!

Brian said...

Respect the tights.

Brian Ashmore said...

Good eye, citizen!! You've earned your place in the Batcave for that high-level sleuthing.

This post is hilarious!