Feb 3, 2009


The Batphone!!!

Is it mine? Nope.

It is my daughters. She orders it and doesn't even tell me. She tells everyone else but not me.

I read a post she made recently about it in a list of 25 random things about her.

1. I absolutely love to sing! My two favorite people to sing with are Emily (Nationals, Baby!) and Adam.

Good. I knew that.

2. I teach Sunday School for the preschool/kindergarten kids at my church. I love them to pieces!


5. I have gotten pulled over by the same police officer twice in the same day.

I even knew this one.

8. I absolutely love notebooks/calendars/journa
ls of any kind!!!! I just love to write stuff down. :)

Like her Father. Yep I knew that.

10. I still sometimes have the urge to get out my Barbies and play with them.

Replace Barbie with Batman and it's the same with me.

12. I am writing my own Bible study and would like to present it to the public sometime this next month.

I Knew this.

13. I just made a Build-a-Bear. His name is Peter Panda. :)

I was there.

16. I also work at an old drive-in diner. I'm a pretty amazing cook. . . .

Yes she is.

17. I just got the limited edition Dark Knight cell phone, just to make my dad jealous. :)

There it is for all the world to see.

Look at her taunting me.
She kept the box too.

And the Joker card that came with it.

Love them, feed them, give them shelter and this is what you get back.

Oh. All the orange in the background is Levi making an Aquaman outfit for Super Hero day at school.

Snifff, sniff. They make a BatDad proud.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my word!!! Haha!! This turned out waayy better than I thought it would. :) You know I love you. I would never even have thought to get the BatPhone if it had not been for you.

Love always,

Brian said...

Love you