Feb 27, 2009

Mom Returns to America

Mom heads home from El Salvador today.

So I thought I would leave her something special to welcome her.

Welcome home Mom.

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Emmalea said...

It's so good to be home....and to once again experience the LOVE - admiration and devotion of my kids! In your own twisted way, I can tell that you are glad to have me home. You didn't pick on me for 2 weeks - I am sure in fear that if I had been shot or kidnapped, others may have found your humor amiss! So let loose, Bri, Momma's home safe and sound.

God was with me all the way and blessed beyond belief every moment that was invested. Lives were changed and relationships with Christ and one another were deepened. Even Dad is glad to have me home! It is true - absence makes the heart grow fonder. I think it took him 44 years to understand that though. WooHOO! (sort of makes me want to stay a month next year!)