Oct 14, 2009

Edinburgh Dam 1977

Playing at the dam in Edniburgh.
I am probably pointing to a buried treasure or something like that.
I always have my eye open for one kind of treasure or another.
Brett is looking completely 70' s fashionable even though it looks like he is wearing his football cleats and I think Chad sees what I see.
It is appropriate that I am pointing here.
Every time we drive by this spot I tell my kids to "Look at the dam" or that "The dam is coming up on the left".
So much so that my wife and kids all start in making fun of me whenever we get close to this spot now.
"Hey Dad here comes the dam!" "Oh Brian there is the dam!""Dad look out your window".

I don't know where they get their sense of humor

Kids look at the first slide. "Did you see it? "Did you see the dam?" "There it is".


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