Oct 7, 2009

Still Playing in 1974

Looks like the same backyard form the post the other day.
My cousin Karen says that it is our Aunt Dixie's back yard.

I don't know who this other kid is.

Brett seems to be flexing to try to scare him off though.

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Emmalea said...

Definitely not Dixie's. No houses like that around her. No clue who the other boy is. First thought maybe my cousin, Larry's boy Rob or Rustin - but the couple of times we visited him when you guys were young-he lived in an addition - no country space like that. I think you guys ran away from home and the kid's mom called for me to come and get you. Yep, I photographed the place so would have proof to show your dad. Might as well have fun with the strange photos we don't remember.