Oct 20, 2009

Fall 1973

Mom, Chad, Brett, Shari and me in a over look in Brown County State park, 1973.

Lets zoom in on the action.

Looks like Mom is entertaining Shari and I with something funny.

Brett is eating an ice cream cone. He could make a cone last forever.
I would gobble mine up in a minute and he would still be licking his. I think they bought him two cones at a time.
We are in a overlook in Brown County and the closet Dairy Queen is miles away and Brett still isn't to the cone yet.

Chad is slobbering down a cookie.

Brown County is rolling hills and is known for its beautiful fall foliage.
In 1973 you could climb one of these towers and look out at the fall colors for miles.
On a more recent visit it seemed that the park had let the trees up close grow up and obscure the view.
Literally you can't see the forest for the trees now.

What were we looking at that day in 1973?

Our station wagon.

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