Oct 26, 2009


We had a cookout at Mom and Dad's house Saturday and Dad asked if I wanted some old negatives that he had.

I said "Sure" and he then reveals that the box has some old slides in it too!

He said he recycled all the paper from them though.
We means he tore off the card that holds the film making them "Slides".

Look at this gem that was salvaged.

A typical day for me in the winter time.
Build a long card house to try to get into the Genuiss Book of World Records.

Some Fisher Price Adventure People to play with.

All while watching Star Trek.


I never even knew I had a picture of my Estes Rocket I had built.

It came with three engines and unfortunately I lost it in the cornfield on the final flight.

We did find the fins in the spring after the farmer plowed the field though.


Brian Ashmore said...

So, you're glad you lost it in the cornfield?

heh, heh.

I loved these things!! In fact, I just enearthed a big box of them in my folk's garage this past August with a battery operated launcher. My favorite was a big Pershing missile that was about 3 feet tall. I only shot it off a couple of times, though. The last time I shot it, it took a 90 degree turn off the base and shot across the field about 3 or 4 feet off the ground. It rose as it went and ended up on a house.

I got it back but that was the last time I used it. I think.

I loved Estes rockets! We used get up extra early to meet and shoot them off before school. It was always a shame to put so much work into something, though, to sometimes see it float away unfound or get destroyed.

Brian Ashmore said...

Hogging the comments, sorry.

That's also a great shot with both Adventure People, the giant card house, and Star Trek...what are the odds?

That's great!