Oct 13, 2009

Rock City 1978

Lookout Mountain where you can see seven states all from one viewpoint.

Dad is capturing this historic moment and what is his family doing?
Mom is being a smart alack and taking a picture of Dad.
I will have to keep my eye open for a picture of Dad taking a picture in all these slides.

Seems that Chad is reading to us about this historic spot and what all we can see from here.

I am looking to see how high up we are or I just spit.
I could be considering the Bobby Brady move of jumping over the side with a tape measure to see how high the mountain is but I bet I just spit.

Brett is saying "We've seen it. Now lets move on!".

What else is it that I see?
The paper the Brett chewed the corner off of.If you don't know what I am referring to read this post HERE


Brian A said...

Wow, good bit of sleuthing, there.

Impressive. Most impressive.

Brett said...

Not really, they all still tease me about chewing the corner of the paper off. Any picture of Lookout Mountain and it can easily be incorporated.

Emmalea said...

Don't think you will find any slides that Dad took of this moment. He was using our new BOLEX movie camera and I got the Spotmatic this trip. Look through the old movies for those vacation moments.

Poor Brett. He has come a long way from his fear of heights and swinging bridges. I recently checked his hunting gloves and all the fingers are in tact. He climbs trees and sits for hours without eating paper anymore. Proud of you, Brett. I think Brian had really worried about you over that early life fear. Guess we shouldn't have dangled you over the bridge like that -- but it was funny at the time. (Just kidding Brian A -- we didn't really do that.)

Angel said...

Hey! I was at this same Lookout the year before you! It was a great spot! I would love to go back sometime and see how it looks today!