Nov 3, 2009

Three Brothers

Can you feel the brotherly love?

How about Motherly love?
Three boys wearing matching clothes, posing for a picture and smiling?
We do look young enough though that we wouldn't care if we did have matching clothes on.

I don't remember caring what I wore until middle school.

I also notice Monroe up on the wall behind us.
Look for his strange story in future posts.
No deer has ever had as much life as he has had.

Can you all help me out too?
How much should I charge when AT&T approaches me to use this pictures in their ad campaigns?
For those who need help with my humor watch this. Click HERE


Tracy said...

Are you wearing a necklace that is zipped inside a pocket? When AT&T approaches you, quote Mastercard "Priceless".

Emmalea said...

I love how my boys humored me in so many ways. No matter how goofy you think it is now-you were all enthusiastic at the time, thus, I put you through more "fun" moments. Alas, it is quite entertaining now - especially for the daughter-in-laws and grandstinkers.

Those very overalls were worn by some of the grandkids and a lot of other stranger's kids that have come to our home to be photographed in our pretend barn and on the nearby RR tracks. So the overalls were a pretty good investment.

Surprised you didn't pick on me for the lovely candle stand....a craft wonder. It is from glued together (2)glass bowls, a plate, (2)plastic caps and a pickle jar lid--all spray painted a flat black....quite the rage at the craft parties I attended at friend's homes. Yes, there are probably a few more of those in other folks old photo albums. I even sold a few of them at craft shows. Craft time was cheap therapy in the 70s. I think it was what scrap-booking is today --- only lots cheaper!

Brian B said...

I don't remember wearing a necklace that young.
I do remember Dad showing me the pocket watch pocket though.
So maybe they let me borrow a pocket watch so I could use the pocket or Mom made one for me and I stuck it in there pretending it was a watch.

Mom = I remember being enthusiastic and having fun. So thanks for the "fun" moments that still entertain today.

Brian A said...

Wow. I never would have guessed that the candle stand was made of more ordinary objects.

Do I see a popcorn ball posing as a globe in the background? ;)

Great photo! Can't wait to hear more about "Monroe."

GW said...

One site you must visit...and consider submitting this to. ;) I think the photo's great, but it also has that slight awkwardness owing to Monroe and the matching denim. I think it's a winner!

Brian B said...

GW - I will check out the site and see if I should send it in.

GW said...

What's nice about that site, unlike some of the other photo humor blog, is the comments are moderated. It's not a mean free-for-all like some sites (cough*peopleofwalmart*cough).