Nov 10, 2009

Monroe, The rest of the story.

Things changed for Monroe when my brother Brett's boy, Blake, was little.

(These first two photos are not Blake but my brother Chad's boy Zachary.)
Blake would often want to touch Monroe. Sometimes several times a day.

So one day Dad took Monroe down from the wall and something happened when he hung him back up because Monroe fell and broke off the tips of some of his antlers.

So the next time Blake visited Dad took Monroe and wrapped his lower half in Blake's blanket and placed him next to Blake.

So Blake watched cartoons with Monroe. Blake shared his snacks with Monroe.

Monroe sat in the seat next to Blake in the car when PaPaw would go to Hardees.

This is not the typical life for a mounted deer but Monroe must have liked it.

He began to be used as a prop in my Mothers photography.

No longer content with being in the background in OUR family pictures he showed up in other families Christmas pictures and senior pictures.

(These next few pictures are of Blake with Monroe.)

Blake still hangs out with Monroe and as a matter of fact Monroe came out and sat with us at a recent family wiener roast.

Don't you dare judge us!


Emmalea said...

This is a note from Blake from Nana's computer:
Uncle Brian --- "It' best for YOU not to come within....say....40 yards of me. It's pretty safe after that." LOL

Remember - he has his first hunting license this year. AND - he plans on getting his own buck - to mount and put on his own wall.

Tracy said...

I think Blake will be putting any deer he gets on YOUR wall. I have got to find the Eggo picture for Brian.