Nov 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Myron Gordon - Vietnam

Thanks to all my family members who have served or who are currently serving our country.

Spanish American War - My Mothers Great Uncle "Skeets" Tower

Civil War - Dad's Great Grandfather - John Turner Emberton

WWI - Dad's Dad - John Turner Butler - Army

WWII - Dad's Brothers - John Tom - Army and George Eagle Butler - Marine
- Dad's Uncle Houstons had 5 sons that served in WW II
- Dad's cousin, Everett Bowman was a Marine that earned a purple heart
- Dad's cousin, Cecil Earl Bowman was in Patton' army and toured with him throughout
- Dad's Cousin, Bethel Butler (one of Houston's boys) served and retired from the Navy
- Mom's Uncle Willie Welton - Navy
- Mom's Step-father, Chet White - Army

Korean - Dad's Brother George - Marine
- Dad's Bother-in-laws, Kenneth Francis and Leslie Carter - Army
- Mom's Uncle-in-law - Claude Wood - Army

Vietnam - Mom's brother, Myron Gordon - Army
- Dad's cousin, Tommy Butler - Army - Killed in Action

Retired - Dad's Nephew, Greg Butler, Marine

Iraq - Dad's Great-Nephew, Justin Butler, active
- Dad's Nephew, Steve Butler, active Army
- Dad's Great-Nephew, Benjamin Butler, Navy - in school
- Mom's Great-Nephew, Doug Gordon, Navy Sub commander - active

Ben with his Dad Steve Butler

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karen said...

Super Job Brian. Thanks To ALL our Veterans, Active Men And Woman. Go USA. Cousin Karen