Nov 4, 2009

Monroe, Part 1

My Dad shot his first buck in 1973 in the county he grew up in, Monroe County Kentucky.
That is where this deer got his name, Monroe.
I can't think of to many times that I have seen my Dad smile as big as he is the first slide.
He was proud of this deer.

These slides were taken in front of Pick's Motel in Tomkinsville, Ky.
My Dads sister and brother in law owned it and we would say there when we visited town.
My Aunt Trixie and her husband Mattie Lamont were fun people to visit and I have good memories of staying there.

Nice to see our old green station wagon too.

These are the first pictures of Monroe.
His life may be over but it has really only just begun.

This deer who roamed the country side of Monroe County, in the Center Point area, has now traveld to Indianapolis, Indiana in this slide.
I see our garage behind Dad so this is in the alley behind our house.

Monroe with his head still attached.

This story starts out so normal and it would be a normal story for many years to come until my parents had grand kids.
Then it gets weird even for our family.

Here is what I mean by that.
If you came to our house for a visit in the 80's before you left you would probably have visited our freezer.
In the freezer we would have shown you Budgie our pet parakeet.
He died in the winter and since we couldn't bury him we put him in the freezer and he is most likely still there today along with a nameless rabbit.
Fun party props for us.

Then there is Monroe. So stay tuned for the rest of his story.


Emmalea said...

Just found Budgie in the freezer the other day. Can't wait for "bring a covered dish" day at C-stone Church!
Dad and I don't remember a rabbit. We must not have had time to bond with that creature. Sound like the boys will remember it though.

Seeking more photos of Monroe.

Brian B said...

The rabbit wasn't a pet but one Brett had put in there.

We held on to him for quite awhile though.

GW said...

I found your blog via the nod on Megomuseum's site in the Mego Memories page. This is great stuff! Family photos are a treasure, even if they're not your own family. It's cool seeing familiar stuff in other families' pictures and hearing the stories. Speaking of stories, I am eager to hear more about Monroe. I think.