Nov 20, 2009

Time To Start Setting Up

It is time to clean out the garage and set up for Thanksgiving.
Grandma White oversees the food on the table before calling everyone else to come sit down.
I can almost taste her deviled eggs now!

My brother Brett is on the left with Chad back by Grandma.
I am in the center with my cousin Bret wearing his Long John silvers hat.

I love these pictures that are jammed full of life in the past.
What else is in this picture?

The family portrait.
Dad, Mom, Me and Brett in the picture and the addition of Chad tucked in the frame on the side.

Talk about the 70's!
Look how Mom has the draw pulls decorated. Sunflowers!
I think this was in Brett's room.

Beside the flower dresser I see Dads screen.
This is what we used until Al Gore invented the internet to look at our slides.
I see his tripod leaning next to the screen.

The meat grinder.
I think this processed Monroe for us.
A nice glass piece.
Mom had three boys and I dare you to count all the glass sitting around in this picture.
I think she bought it so we would break it and then she would have an excuse to whip us.

Looks like my cousin Bret brought a spare pirate hat in case his was damaged during the day.

We called this the "Jolly Green Giant's toilet paper roll".
Dad was a printer and this was an end roll off a web press.
When we wanted to draw we just yanked on it and took as big a piece as we liked.

This trouble light was also used for a tanning bed.
We would replace the bulb with a tanning bulb and lay in a chair under it.
The trusty binoculars hang here as well.

We Butlers are a rough bunch.
So make sure you grab a Pepsi and not the gas can when getting your beverage.

Looks like a mini Louisville slugger bat is in the white bucket.

The trip to the past is over now so go about life in the present now.


Brian Ashmore said...

"This is what we used until Al Gore invented the internet to look at our slides."

Hilarious! Good one.

Emmalea said...

Awwww - I miss Grandma - especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas - nobody did it better. The love to cook gene was awarded to my sister. Carol loves cooking in roasters and feeding crowds. She does it all the time. Me, maybe once or twice a year.

OK - on the table - I can't believe you didn't highlight the salt & pepper shakers - still in use in our kitchen today! That blue fancy jar is still a decoration - just moved floors to the upstairs now. The big amber colored "dressing bowl" will probably be on the table again this year. I see a corner of a small one amber bowl with corn and another one behind a cassarole dish with gravy in it. Those have disappeared. They probaby didn't survive one of the fun demos I did with the Wheatonware tempered glass. Remember - throwing it in the floor - and the time it blew up at Aunt Carol's when the electic burner was left on under it?! In the photo of the family - Chad was sort of in the photo - I was pregnant with him. I really loved the brown dress I was wearing.It made it through all 3 pregnancies and still looked good. ANd the yellow daisy cabinet was in Chad's nursery at one time. I would never have done that to you or Brett!
And all that glass was OK to have around because my boys respected authrority. I didn't need an excuse to whip 'em by the age they were in this photo. I had proved I meant business.
Love the trip to yester year. Al Gore was just a snooty little kid. Who KNEW he would be so smart!

Brian B said...

I thought about mentioning them (Salt and Pepper shakers) but I couldn't remember if they were still in use or not.
I mean you only cook for us once or twice a year.

Me said...

In my world in the 70's your trouble light/tanning light was a heating lamp for baby pigs.

We had one for every crate, and it would clamp on the side of the crate and keep the little baby pigs warm. I always loved the feel of a soft, warm, pink baby pig!

Also, we didn't lay under tanning lamps to get tan! My mom always told me, "you'll tan faster with a little sweat - so go outside and get some work done."

You town folks. Ha Ha.

The salt and pepper shakers are classic Tupperware! Shame on you Brian for not including them!

I, too, miss Grandma White - especially this time of year. She was a good cook and it was obvious she enjoyed doing it!