Nov 6, 2009

Exploring 1973

Mom and her sons on an expedition in the forest.

Posing by some rocks elsewhere that same day.
A fun little jaunt through the park....or is it?

It has been a few years so I think it is time that we confess that we were really a secret spy family preparing for a mission.

There, our true identities are now revealed.

I mean look at us. The world should have known it all along because we wore the fashion and faces of the spy world.

So how did our friends not catch on?

Training. Hours and hours of training.

Here is a close up of the last group shot to demonstrate to you what I mean.
I take the lead, being the oldest, and put on my regular day face.

Masters of espionage!

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Emmalea said...

...but......the rest of the story is...Mom ends up as a head director of the FBI. Is that not true agent Brian? And -- is not your own daughter ranked as part of the SWAT Team in the same division of said, FBI? hmmmmm-say it! It is ABSOLUTELY TRUE! SO -- all that early spy training had its purpose. Who knew?!You boys were my first Cadets. Now there are 86 Cadets enrolled in the FBI Academy. Wish I had that awesome trench coat now. And the mini skirt.