Nov 5, 2009

Monroe, Part 2

Sorry ladies this deer slayer is taken.
Dad was proud enough of his buck that he decided to mount Monroe's head for future generations to enjoy.
To have a deer head mounted is expensive and who could he trust with his prized kill?
The answer? No one.
Dad bought a taxidermist bible and ordered his own supplies.
No internet or Youtube for help either it was hands on and follow directions from the book.

Monroe is prepped and ready to be preserved.

Dad skinned Monroe and tanned his hide. (Us boys took Dad's threats to tan our hides seriously after this.)
Taxidermy is a very slow process.
He placed the hide in different baths that smelled like the bags waiting to be picked up by the diaper service.
We waited and waited.
He ordered the Styrofoam in the shape and pose he wanted.
We got glass eyes in different shapes, colors and sizes too.
He finally finished his creation and I must say that he did a very fine job.
Monroe looked great and was ready for the wall.

Stay tuned for more.

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