Nov 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Hang on to your hat!
This will be a whirl wind trip of our Thanksgiving weekend.

Megan and Elaine prepare our diner.

They cook while we snack on the goodies on the table.
Levi is looking at our favorite book about thanksgiving which tells about the Pilgrims journey to America.
I don't remember the name of it right now.

The boys went deer hunting that morning and then picked up Hope.

Scooby is waiting for one of us to be sympathetic and throw him something to eat.

The girls were doing MacGyver cooking since our stove is out.
So Megan made brown and serve rolls in the toaster oven.

Elaine made the turkey in the crock pot! It was delicious!

My family getting ready for prayer.

My family always smile when we pray.

Friday we went to Elaine's parents for Thanksgiving but I forgot the camera.
So just imagine food, fun and family here.

I remembered the camera Saturday when we went to my parents house.

Dad loads up a plate full along with Joel and Kye.

Most of the gang chowing down.

Each of us told what we were thankful for and lingered at the table swapping stories.

Brett's son, Kye, brought The Beatles Rock Band to play.

The gang rocking out.

Two part harmonies.

Levi, Hope and Joel getting down.

Even Elaine grabbed a mike.
Brett's family was kind enough to let us play a lot that night but they all still sang along.

While some rocked out others played Sequence.

That's cousin Sherri on the left. (See is in the rear-view mirror with us)

While playing the game I noticed Monroe over in the corner.

I took a moment to pose with this very photogenic deer.

Mom says we have the same smile.

This reminded me to ask to see our pet bird Budgie.

So like any normal family would we went in to the kitchen while Mom got Budgie out of the freezer.

Budgie died during the blizzard of 78 and has remained in the freezer ever since.

Good bird!

Mom got the salt and pepper shakers out for her biannual cooking event.
Seen before HERE

Brett's wife, Tracy, decided it was time to Rock and roll on out.

The cousins club posed for a picture before departing.

So did me and my little brothers.

A pose with the parents.

I hope you all had as nice a Thanksgiving as I did.


Brian Ashmore said...

Great post!! No one covers family events like you do.

Almost like being there...

I especially liked seeing Budgie. When you said that he was in your Mom's freezer, I was picturing a freezer in the garage or something. That's hilarious! Budgie is one well-preserved bird.

Great post! Great photos! We play Beatles Rock Band, too. We didn't this weekend but have played it in the past week. Fun! Clark is hooked.

Emmalea said...

Just for historical family record keeping and in honor of our beloved frozen pet parakeet of over 30 years...the tuxedo grey bird residing in the freezer for all these years, is MORK. Budgie was his yellow-green BFF that proceded him in death by a couple of weeks.

Budgie was actually a 2nd yellow-green parakeet Brian had as pet. The first Budgie was given to us by dear Aunt Elvie when Brian was a baby. There are photos (somewhere) of baby Brian meeting Budgie 1 - up close and personal. Budgie 1 flew away at Brian's first home in Indy. So the 2nd yellow-green parakeet was named Budgie also. (Budgie is the actual term for the yellow green parakeets, but the name was so cute, it seemed proper to name him that.

I doubt the boys remember that story - so finding the first year photo book of Brian will prove there was a #1.

We attained MORK from a friend who raised parakeets. MORK was only 8 weeks old and came straight from the nesting box to our home to be a friend to Budgie.

Family became second in Budgie's life after the new bird moved in.

By the way, MORK was so named after the early Robin Williams sitcom - "Mork From Ork".)

Budgie died early on in the winter and had a proper shoebox burial in the flowerbed under the front window.

When MORK passed during the blizzard freeze of 1978 - the ground was frozen. He was ziplock bagged to wait for the thaw and proper burial. Unfortunately, after the winter of the freezer being open and closed with the storage and use of groceries, Mork was overlooked -- until one summer day when the boys had friends over and he was rediscovered as popsicles were requested as a treat. The kids cracked up when they saw the bird. It became clear MORK was going to have an extended life of humor as long as he held up under the amateur Trafalgar Indiana cryogenics. Who knew that 30 years later, our grandchildren would be able to "play" with their parents childhood pet (although none have yet had the desire to touch him, only MOM).

Brian A -- MORK did live in the garage freezer until about 10 years ago when that freezer died. I just couldn't bear to see him tossed aside like garbage then - so I moved him into kitchen freezer. Until this Thanksgiving, he led a life of recluse, seemingly happy to be readjusted as the freezer items were periodically rearranged.

Dad just keeps reminding me that the kids have enough to put me "away" at any time. Hmmmm