Nov 13, 2009


I hope Dad will fill us in on this one in the comments.

It is a sidewalk at my Grandparents house in Kentucky.
I know it is at there house because I can see the fence made out of geodes in the background.
Also it has my Grandpas name written in the cement.

Did he do it?

The slide is dated 1979.
What were we doing there then?
Is then when you took us to the lemonade spring and we looked through the barn?

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Emmalea said...

Dad says this isn't a sidewalk but the new "parking lane" on Grandpa and Grandma Butler's property.They had 2 concrete strips poured to have a place to park under a big oak tree. This kept the tires from being in the mud - or parked on sharp rocks.
Brian may remember the big oak tree we write about. Grandma had planted a bunch of small cactus around the base of the tree.
When Brian was about 2 - he lost his balance on the rocky ground around the tree and fell into the cacti. The cactus' needles were like little hairs and if anything got very close to them - they shot the needles out. Poor Baby Brian was covered with the cactus needles and he was miserable for several days as we discovered more and more of those hair-like needles that needed tweezed out.