Apr 19, 2011

Morel Mushrooms

Morel mushrooms are back!

I know some of you have never been mushroom hunting, some of you haven't been hunting in a long time and some of you need to adjust your eyes before you hit your favorite spots to hunt.
So I am providing you with online mushroom hunting!

Do you see the mushroom?

Take another step closer and bend over towards the ground a little.

Can you spot it now?

There it is!

A nice gray morel.

I found a couple of "blacks" yesterday too.

Second try.
Look closely.

Do you see it?
It is camouflaged pretty good.

Found it.

I also see these in the spring.

It is called "A Preacher in a pulpit".

Open the little flap and you can see the Preacher.

Nice one.

Here is how it really looks.

Happy hunting and I hope I find more mushrooms than you!

That's the way mushroom hunting goes. You hide all the good spots and always say you found more than the other guy.


Emmalea said...

On the last line - honestly - the first thing that popped in my head was....#8, literally. Not everyone will understand that --- but I am willing to answer their question.

Great mushroom hunting lesson! And it explains why I, personally have never been successful. I remember one rule your dad gave me the first time he took me mushroom hunting. "Watch out for snakes." Needless to say, that was all I thought I would see from that point on.

Still not quite sure why the Kentuckians in the family call them "dry land fish". My best guess is because they prepared them pretty much like they added breading of regular fish before frying...not sure though. Lurking Kentuckians need to educate us on that one.

Thanks for the tips. It may get Dad out in the woods to look again. We'll report in if (I mean when) he finds some.

Me said...

Nice tutorial! You will have to post another one detailing the cooking process . . . then eating!

Linda Hestand said...

Love to eat them, but never hunted them...Tim has, he pretty much grew up running the woods, but seemed to be over it by the time we moved back here, maybe I'll talk him into it again one of these days. Preacher in a pulpit too funny!