Apr 18, 2011

The Barn

Grandpa and Grandma's barn.

I wonder how many times my Dad walked the trail to the barn?


Brian Ashmore said...

Ha! Now, you've got me brainwashed into staring at these photos for minutes waiting for something to move! I feel like such a puppet.

Cool to see old landmarks like this.

Emmalea said...

Dad wants it on the record that he went to that barn at least twice a day to help milk cows from the time he was big enough to walk - till he moved to Indy - and he still helped whenever he was "home". He also made extra trips just to play. Lots of things for a young boy to do in a big barn like that.
It is still there - and he said was built nearly 100 years ago by his mom and dad after they purchased the property. Lots of history - lots of memories. He really enjoyed this post.