Apr 7, 2011

1970's Baseball Parade

I can't tell you who one single person is in this picture.

I remember being on a "float" in the parade that day. I think it was 1976 and part of the bicentennial town celebration.
I bet at one time I could have told you every kid in this slide.
Time flies.


Me said...

I was in that very parade on the Young Farmer's float! Let's see . . . 1976 I would have been 7 and you would have been 11. I wonder if we bumped into each other that day never knowing what our future together would hold? Funny.

Brian Ashmore said...

This is such a cool old photo! Almost looks like a scene right out of the Bad News Bears or something. Love those cars, too.

Emmalea said...

Sorry, Dad rules again. We moved to Trafalgar in 1974. This photo was taken before we moved. It was in Indy and was for the Little League teams there. It was Brian's first parade - but not sure he participated. He didn't like the social interaction of baseball all that much and none of the kids were kids he even saw at school.
Poor little guy.