Apr 11, 2011


It took me a while on this slide and I am still a little confused by it.

At first I couldn't find anyone I knew on the coaster. I didn't even know what coaster it was.

I then determined that it was the Scooby-Doo at Kings Island in Ohio.
It was later called the Beastie. That might be what it is in this picture. I don't know.

I liked riding in the last car on a roller coaster and that is where I think I found me.
It has been a few years since I looked like that and I seldom saw myself with hair blowing back in full rock star fashion so I was hard to spot.

I have no idea who I am sitting with.
Kinda looks like me but younger.

Did I time travel? Did everyone else ride the Beast and I stayed on the Beastie or Scooby-Doo to right with my younger self?

Was it just some random kid?
Maybe I am the one on the left and I am sitting next to Greg Brady/Johnny Bravo?

The Brady's did travel to Kings Island you know.

Any ideas?


Miss "M" said...

I vote that you were riding with Greg Brady. :)

Brian Ashmore said...

I'm guessing that the coaster was going so fast that it split time, somehow, leaving a younger you in your wake. That younger you is probably still riding that coaster and wondering when the ride will finally be over.... and also wondering how Greg Brady managed to get off and he didn't.

Me said...

I think I was there that day and I lost my poster.

Emmalea said...

Sorry - Dad said its just a random shot of the coaster while we waited and that is not anyone we know in the back or any where else.
Mom says - if you think its you - claim the memory - tell your story and stick to it! The parents will be gone in a few years and you can really have fun with the old photos and family history then!