Mar 24, 2008

The "Mighty Wurlitzer"

Here we are with some of the cousins at "The Paramount Music Palace" in Indianapolis.

This was a great place to go. I don't remember the pizza being that great or bad but the organ was cool. Bubbles a bird in the cage, mirror ball and trumpets in the balcony. It was fun to hear and to see.

Grandma White loved it because she played the organ and it was fun to hang out with family.

I wish it was still here but the restaurant closed in 1995, it was purchased to be installed in a musical museum in Germany.

When plans for this fell through, it was purchased for use in the Roaring 20s Pizza and Pipes in Florida.

I wish it was still here for my kids.

Grandma took them to see it before it left town but they can barely remember it.

So Here it is!

Here is where it is now. Link

This is a different organ but a better video and song that Grandma White liked "The Chattanooga Choo Choo"

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Emmalea said...

Grandma White did love Paramount Pizza Palace! We had a lot of different gatherings there. Once at Christmas Ed and Lorraine were ups and we had an anniversary party there for them. Several family birthdays were celebrated there. My favorite time was probably the day we adopted Niki. She loved all the stuff that happened with lights etc during the performances. Her favorite song was "Music Box Dancer? - the little lights twinkled during the song - looking like a little fairy flitting around the room. It was a special day and a special memory.~ Mom