Mar 25, 2008

On the Front Porch

My kids are on spring break and it is supposed to be warm but it sleeted and snowed a little today.

Here is Mom looking young on the front porch swing in Indy.

This is how spring break should be, on the front porch in a swing, not shivering inside.

I hate global warming. ;)

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Emmalea said...

ZOING!!! See the grey house in the background? That is where I met Dad! My brother Ed was living there with Lorraine and new baby Bret. I was babysitting, guy watching, and sunbathing in the backyard of the grey house. You guys have heard it before - but thought 1 more time for the lurkers. Dad said they flipped a coin to see which one of the guys (in the house to the right of the grey one) would get to offer to rub suntan lotion on me. Dad won the toss - or lost - he never has exactly clarified how he views that coin toss. The rest is history. 4 kids, 10 grandbabies later -- I still love to have him rub suntan lotion on my shoulders! ~Mom