Mar 7, 2008

I know where this slide is taken but I don't recognize anyone in it.

The place is the gym at Trafalgar elementary.

Can anyone identify anybody?


Emmalea said...

I see Laura Clark (neighbor of ours) on the front row in the red dress. Looks like Dana Woodbury next to her. I think there is a one of the Setser boys on the row behind them and I think I see Scotty Ray and Keppy Kepner. I think these are kids in Chad's class. Maybe he can fill us in on names. ~Mom

Anonymous said...

yo - judging from the kids whom i vaguely recognize but can't name i'd say that's more likely brett's class of kids... chad

brett said...

This is the class between us. Chad Setser, Kevin Parks, David Cummings, Andy Marker and others.