Mar 6, 2008


Here we are at our Uncle George's watching T.V..

I don't know why we were watching T.V. there but I am glad we got to do it other places besides home.

Maybe it was color set or something.

I look forward to going home and watching Lost with my girl tonight on a color set.

I'm movin on up. . . . .


Emmalea said...

I think I see snow outside the patio door. Sherri was with you. She came sledding with us several times. I see sock feet that look a little soggy as well. I'm thinking you were all warming up in front of the TV while the hot chocolate was being dipped up. MMMMMMM-I can almost taste it now. Somehow it was sort of like hotdogs on the open fire always tasting so much better than at home. There was no better hot chocolate than at Uncle George's house after an afternoon of sledding! How SWEET it was!~Mom
PS - share some sledding memories guys!

Me said...

You are such a TV junky!