Mar 28, 2008


Looks like we are hiking on a trail some where but I couldn't tell ya where.

The main thing I notice in this picture (after seeing how cute little Niki is) is that Brett has passed me in height.

I don't remember when it happened but happen it did.

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Emmalea said...

The photo was taken at Clifty Falls, Madison, Indiana. We ALL traveled down there in the Datsun B210. Somewhere there is a photo of FEET - sticking through the seats. Seat belt laws evidently not in place at the time because Niki rode on my lap and between the 2 bucket seats. Look at those legs and feet. It amazed me then that you 3 guys all fit in the back seat of that little car - let alone to ride like that for almost 2 hours. You guys really liked the hiking at Clifty -- especially in the area behind the falls where you weren't suppose to be! Lots of good memories from our trips to Clifty.~Mom