Jan 13, 2009

Batman ViewMaster!!!

Batman: The Purr-fect Crime

"Catwoman has stolen a golden cat statue," said Gordon.

Yeah! I got the Batman ViewMaster Reels from 1966 for Christmas,
which contain the reels for "The Purr-fect Crime".

Thanks Elaine, your the best.

At the top is the cover that the reels came in and below is the backside.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

It also came with its 16 page booklet with illustrations.

Here is the cover.
The inside cover.

Here is the text that goes with the the first slide on the reel which I have animated up above.

Stay tuned Batfans, same Battime, same Batchannel, for more each day!!!!


Geebon said...

thanks you for sharing this very rare reel

Brian said...

Your welcome!

mensajes claro said...

thanks you for sharing this very rare reel

Francesca Slone said...

Wow! A vintage image of Batman and Robin from 1966 through View Master reels! Thank you for sharing this with us. I'm sure Batman fans would love to see this. View Masters provided a special type of entertainment back then. And the future for this gadget is still bright with the development of customized reels.