Jan 13, 2009

Snow Cave

Snow caves at the back of our property
were always fun to build in the winter.

The snow would blow across the cornfields
and dump over this small ridge before
going down to the creek.

This slide is dated 1977
but I remember one Brett and I built during
the blizzard of 78
that turned into a tunnel slide.

I remember showing our days work to Dad with pride.
He noticed how deep and how long it was.
We pointed out how large the drift was with
"Look at all that snow on top of us!"
Dads parent ode kicked in with
"What if all that fell on you?"

Being invincible preteens we said "We would just dig out."
Dad told us not to do it anymore.

Looks like Brett built this one, I recognize his ski mask.
Is that a Browns hat? I don't remember owning one of those.
I had the Vikings.
Brett had a cowboys hat.
Chad has a Steelers.

Fill me in Brett.

1 comment:

Brett said...

It seems like I had a Buffalo Bills hat to start. I think the red/blue was my theme. But I also remember liking OJ Simpson back then...who knew?