Jan 20, 2009


Common. Be as brave as Batman and not as scared as Robin, leave a comment once in a while.


Bubbashelby said...

Okay ;)

Please keep posting the view-master Batman stuff - I love it!


deaconnecessary said...

Love the Batman View Master pics and excerpts from the little booklet that came with the slides.
I had that set when I was a kid.

Brian said...

Bubba: I will keep it up.
I like your art and I've been to your blog often since I saw your work featured on the Batblog.

Do you do commission work?

deaconnecessary: I didn't remember having a book growing up. We must have trashed all the paper stuff because I just remember having all the reels shoved in our View Master projector tin. So it is good to see.

Bubbashelby said...


Thanks for the compliment. Yes I do commissions.

I also love the concept of your blog - it really has me wanting to go through old family photos and take that walk down memory lane myself.

Keep it all up!


Brian Ashmore said...

I love your blog! I'm very close to your age. So, seeing all your old family photos is almost like seeing my own family's...the clothing styles, furnishings, etc. I'm also a huge "batfan." When I saw your post about your wife making the Batman cake for you, I knew I had come to the right place. :) My wife (then girlfriend) made me a very similar cake the same year for my birthday. She used the old Wilton Batman/Superman cake pan set. She's still "putting up" with my "sickness."

At any rate, the Batman Viewmaster stuff is just gravy. Your blog is fantastic with or without it. It's motivated me to start archiving all of my parents' old slides and photos, as well. What a trip down memory lane!

Thanks for sharing all your old memories.

Brian said...

Brian Ashmore: Your welcome and thanks for the encouragement. It sounds like you have a keeper for a wife too.
Maybe we should start a reform group for our Batsickness? Nah!!!!

I hope your wife lets you have a Batroom at home as mine does. My wife even told me that I need to buy a new shelf to display more of my Bat goodies!

Thanks again and enjoy.

Brian Ashmore said...

You have a Batroom? I'm jealous. I have a few shelves of Batman goodies in the room where I work but I wouldn't call it a full-fledged Batroom. I hope to one day as I have oodles and oodles of Bat stuff tucked away in the crawlspace hoping to one day see the light of day.