Jan 27, 2009

Warmer Times

Since my snow picture brought snow to my home state I thought I would post a picture of a warmer time today.

This is from 1978 too but in the summer.

When I grabbed this slide to scan I thought it would be one of us going off the diving board.

It's some girl. Dad?

I would like to point out to my wife that I am in the water with my back to the camera adjusting my goggles.

Brett and Chad are nearby and they are watching the girl, along with Dad.

Cave City, Kentucky near Mammoth cave is my guess for the hotel and pool.


Brian Ashmore said...

Poor Dad. Give a guy a break! He couldn't help it if some girl leaped into center frame to steal you boys' camera time. :)

Emmalea said...

Hey!! That's your MOM! I was demonstrating the entry after the forward front tuck. Dad caught me just as I was about to enter the water. You boys are mezmerized at my form for the tight tuck position and that I was coming out of it for entry just like I had been instructing you to do....
UGH-why can't you remember the important details. Afterall, Brett and Chad went on to be competing divers from my coaching. YEP -- that's the way I remember it! Dad was just capturing that moment for us to remember. He was impressed too! (otherwise it would have been a photo of the gals sunbathing on the other side of the poot. (Brian will probably post those tomorrow - so -- same time - same bat channel.Of course those women will also would be in their 60s now too -- you guys are weird!)

Brian said...

Sorry Mom I didn't recognize you.
I didn't remember you going off the board.

I do remember you helping us with our dives though.

Dad squirmed off the hook this time but Mom is right, I do have other slides. :0)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blog pages, I love old pictures. I use to work at this motel many years back. Saw where you all got lots of snow...eat some snow cream for us. Becky Butler D. :)

Brian said...

Good to hear from you Becky and yes we did make a big bowl of snow cream. Yummy!!!