Jan 29, 2009


I took the day off yesterday to play in the snow. (Meaning dig out the cars)

The cars in the drive were covered, we got about 11 inches of snow, a top ten snow for the state.

We live on top of a hill with a nice long driveway so only the four wheel drives would make it out.

To much snow to shovel so we used some redneck ingenuity.

We built a wedge out of a skid and pulled it behind the Jeep.

Joel and I were the weight on the plow while Levi drove. (Joel and his fancy no hand attempt)

We kept the hatch open to communicate with Levi.

Around the bend and down the steeper part of the drive way. Levi lost us on the first trip down.

Works pretty good and its fun to be drug behind a Jeep with your 18 year old driving

A video of the plow in action.

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