Jan 5, 2009

Cha Ching Christmas 1975

Wow! A lot of good toys in this picture, Christmas morning 1975.

This slide show my brothers Brett and Chad.
I am sure I am off hugging and thanking my parents while they are playing with their toys.

Boy, what toys they were.

Here we have Brett with The Ricochet Racer.

Ricochet Racer was a gun where you loaded cars
into bullet casings and fired them
at each other and watched them crash and jump.

Here is a cool ad for it HERE and HERE along with an ad for the Ghost Gun that we had.

We played with the Ghost Gun in the space under the stairs.
With it you loaded a translucent strip of paper with ghost pictures on it into the gun.
When you switched the gun on it projected the "ghosts" image onto the wall like a flashlight.
The back part of the gun could move around so you could aim at the ghost.
BANG! When you pulled the trigger it put a hole in the paper strip and blasted the ghost.
You could blast the ghost all to pieces, shoot a face on him or shoot off a hand or something.
You did have to buy replacement ghost strips though.

Chad got the Fischer Price Castle.
Mom and Dad still might have this one in the barn
with a mouse living in the secret hiding place under the stairs.

Looks like a view master reel pack laying on the floor behind the castle.

Aurora Batman model. Sweet!

I had Batman and Brett got the Superman model.
We assembled these but we never painted them.

There is a shooting gallery behind my Batman model that I vaguely remember
which means it broke fast.

Blocks, the accessory to every toy.
We used these with every toy we ever owned.
Used and abused them and they still held up over time.

This one is laying on its side.
Looks like its called "Sea Diver".

You squeezed the sides of the bottle causing the diving bell to dive and you tried to hook different things with it.

Fun toy.

Fischer Price movie cassette.
We already had the viewer (Mentioned HERE) but it looks like we all got some new movies because I saw another one on the floor somewhere.

Even Spooky the cat seems to be taking all the toys in.
Probably trying to decide which one she wants to have her next batch of kittens on.

Quit a haul in one slide but we have more slides to come tomorrow!

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