Jan 12, 2009

Frozen Pond

1977 finds us playing on the frozen pond next door.

It is hard to tell who all is out there
but I am pretty sure its the cousins from my Mom side of the family.

I would say we were skating but not all of us have skates so maybe we are scooting.

I do remember making Dad take a picture of a fish frozen in the ice and here it is.

In my mind this fish was to slow and trapped by the ice as it froze to rapidly for it to escape.

Viewing it now on its side, its just a dead fish, but its still frozen in the ice.

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Emmalea said...

I don't think my relatives were ever down to play on the ice and I sure don't recognize any of them. I remember how rare it was to have the ice with no snow and in the month of November. The only people I specifically remember playing on the ice during that rare time was Dad's friend from work, Gordon Pitman's family. They had 3 boys too and lived over by Triton Central. Add the neighbor, Amy and her boy and I think that is who the group might be. I also remember taking our 8 trak player that looked like a dynamite control box - changing the trak by pressing down on the "boom" handle. I also remember having Andy Williams playing for just a few minutes while we skated and skooted. Then Andy died because it was SO cold that the batteries drained quickly. Bummer! I almost had my triple sow-cow jump timed perfectly with Andy's song McArther Park. Ahhh memories.....