Jan 26, 2009

Snow Drifts

Snow drifts from the blizzard of 78.

That's the Datsun B210 that was passed down to me when I got in to high school.


Emmalea said...

No, Brian....not THAT much snow! I only want 6-8 inches -- and no extreme cold and wind...not waiting a week to be able to have the roads plowed or out of your own driveway. Just enough to build some REALLY cool snow characters for posting on the blog!

Anonymous said...

I missed all the fun, instead I was basking in 55 degree temps on Okinawa, and complaining how cold it was. Randy E

Brian said...

Randy: Its all relative isn't it?

Good to hear from you.

Emmalea said...

Randy: Thanks for serving our country! The national guard were kept busy in Johnson county during the first week of blizzard - so we apprecited them as well.