Jan 19, 2009


Sledding during the blizzard of 78.

We went sledding every day for at least 2 weeks while we were out of school that winter.

Our favorite sleds were a pair of aluminum saucer sleds that we got for Christmas that year.
We literally wore them out.

One of the best things about them was that they would endure stunt sledding.

We would dare each other to go down treacherous hills, jump creeks, jump incredible ramps, and used them as shields.

With this enhanced slide below you can see where we actually landed on this particular jump.

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Emmalea said...

OK - dad and I are not in agreement on where this sled run was. If I tell you where he says - you will agree with him just to make me wrong (you men gang up on me!) SO - you guys tell us where it is -- the most votes wins. Rule #1 - No personal contact to Dad on the hill issue.
#2 - contest ends 1/30.